Potter said goodbye to Brighton’s crew at the lion’s back training center

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New Chelsea head coach Graham Potter spent Thursday morning (local) traveling to the Brighton Training Center to bid farewell to his followers, staff and other staff before taking on the challenge of life. Stamford Bridge

According to Sky Sports, Potter was in a personal BMW , sitting next to the driver to the Elite Football Performance Center .   

The goal is to say goodbye to the players. with good luck Before each side went to duty over the weekend. The 47 – year -old was expect to kick off the London derby game at noon on Saturday at Chelsea due to Fulham .  

While the ‘ Gulls ‘ play ufabet on the same day away at Bournemouth, the goal is to keep the top four in the table.

Contract talks with the Blues are in the final stages pending a release announcement within the next 24 hours . 

As for the attitude from Brighton, it’s clear they’re willing to let the forward-thinking coach go. because even the cancellation of the press conference before the matchday as originally scheduled

Incidentally, Todd Bohly, the owner of Chelsea, not only flirted with Potter, but also has Ruben Amorim , a Sporting Lisbon trainer , but eventually took a coach who knows the job. Good English Premier League  

Go to Potter ‘s representative , many betting houses are believe to have a high chance of ending up with Celtic FC head coach Anke Postecoglu .